Do You Struggle With Your Message Reaching Your Audience?

  • Is explaining what you do complicated?
  • Are you struggling to grow your audience?
  • Did your last marketing effort flop?
  • Do you need a common story to unite your staff?
  • Is it time to revamp your marketing strategy?
  • Does the thought of producing a live streaming event make your brain hurt?

Contact our team now and let us show you how live video can be easy.

Corporate Events

In a world where reaching your audience has never been more challenging, video stands out as the go to medium of choice, and “going live” elevates your brand to an even higher level.

Let’s face it, “going live” is not easy, and risking your corporate brand to a live stream on a mobile phone doesn’t make sense. Our professional production crew works with your team to make your event the best it can be. Contact us here, or call now +1 (530) 638-0393 to take your vision to your audience.

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Charitable 501(c)(3)

We have a special place in our heart.

Are you a donation based charity who relies on the financial support of others to operate your business? Tell us about your 501(c)(3) organization and let’s see how we might partner with your vision. Contact us here  and tell us what you have in mind.

We are particularly interested in your mission and sharing that with your community of current and future supporters. This includes live interviews, live events, live telethons, etc. We’ve even brought supporters and donors with us to help cover some of the hard costs for producing a charity based live event.

Small and large, crisis or care based organizations, let’s have that conversation starting here.


We Help You Deliver Your Message and Grow Your Business.

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of live video production so your business can grow.  With the SeekLiveDVB team, you can confidently create live events, product showcases and more, that actually work, without spending a fortune on another service or agency. How can we serve you?