Corporate Events

In a world where reaching your audience has never been more challenging, video stands out as the go to medium of choice, and “going live” elevates your brand to an even higher level.

Let’s face it, “going live” is not easy, and risking your corporate brand to a live stream on a mobile phone doesn’t make sense. Our professional production crew works with your team to make your event the best it can be. Contact us here, or call now +1 (530) 638-0393 to take your vision to your audience.

By not doing live events, your brand stands to lose market share when competitors are already embracing the power and reach of live events. Going live will attract viewers who might not otherwise tune in. The complexities of going live is not something you will have to deal with as our experience makes it easy.

SeekLive Digital Video Broadcasting removes the worry and technical challenges of a live event production by focusing on your needs, your goals, within a budget that works for your project. Contact us here to find out more.

If your looking to do your first live event, we are right there with you, taking your vision to your audience’s screen of choice. We make sure your experience is easy, confident, and you’re proud of the results. We ask, listen, guide you on the path that will capture your company’s culture, and charisma, motivating your customers, distributors, and even internally with corporate communications from the top and across the corporate structure.

Sound is everything, lighting is essential, and a rock solid live stream is what you get. Your management team will know you produced an event, with “well done” sure to come down the line.

Reach out to SeekLive DVB and let’s discuss your project, how we can put you in the best light to accomplish your goals.

Contact us here, or call now +1 (530) 638-0393 and take that first step to live events done easy.