Not everyone on your guest list can make it to your most special day. Around the world on deployment, unable to travel for health or even the cost of airfare and hotel is too much to overcome, why not take your wedding to them?

We make it simple to share your most special day, captured on video and live streamed to the family and friends of your choice.

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When we live stream your event, the entire ceremony, the entire reception, all captured and delivered to your audience in real time. The entire event is ready for replay the moment you head off to some remote island. No waiting for round after round of edits and drafts to have your wedding cut down to a 15-20 minutes of highlights. Every moment is live streamed to your audience turning “I wish you were here” into having family and friends around the world a part fo your very special day.

Your Online Guests Will See a High Definition Live Stream:

  • The social media or private platform of your choice
  • The entire Ceremony
  • Exchange of the rings
  • Exchanging of vows
  • Your first kiss as a married couple
  • The reception in entirety
  • First dance
  • Father Daughter dance
  • Mother Groom dance
  • Cutting of the cake
  • Bouquet toss
  • Every Toast
  • And the Send Off

When They Can’t Be There, Bring Your Wedding to Them!

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